23-25 April 2021

ICCTSAI Conference
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International Conference on Computing and Technological Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Sponsors & Partners

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The proceedings of the ICCTSAI conference will be published through the Springer AISC, as the Book Chapter


Supporting Organizations

ICCTSAI is technically collaborated with reputed universities and institutions.


Academic Partner

Vaagdevi College of Engineering

Vaagdevi College of Engineering is and well-structured and famous technology based college collaborating with us on ICCTSAI Conference. They provide lot of amenities for students such as research, study abroad, incubation center and so on…. . They also have experience over two decades in engineering education.

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Academic Partner

IIUM IIBF Malaysia

International Islamic University Malaysia also known as IIUM is a public university in Malaysia. The Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF) is an academic centre of International Islamic University of Malaysia, which is our Academic Partner for the ICCTSAI Conference Technical Program and Publication.

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Academic Partners

KL University

KL University is a well-known University and they will be with us in the ICCTSAI Conference. They shape and mould individuals into a better person. They also have wide variety of award collection and high rankings. They provide enormous number of placements for their students. Students get plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents in many areas such as research, commerce, etc.

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Technical Partner

Global Research Conference Forum

Global Research Conference Forum is a non-profit organization (NPO) that has always emphasized on quality assurance and authentication. The main aim of the Global Research Conference Forum is the conferring of innovative multidisciplinary to focus on local and international serious issues.

The forum is one of the best universal platform for scientists, researchers, engineers, students, managers and other professionals to discuss their innovative ideas and new research.

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Technical Partner

Immortal Publications

Immortal Publications is an independent book publishing organization and they will be supporting SITER technically for opening global platform for Research and Academic community. They provide endless opportunities to first-time writers. In online, their books are available on most of the portals such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. for purchasing. They provide many services such as Academic Reviewers, Translations, Distributions etc. Read and develop wisdom through Immortal Publications.

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Technical Partner


Society For Learning Technologies also known as SOLETE, is a leading, non-profit society which promotes Deep Learning, Soft Computing, Machine Learning and so on… They will be technically supporting SITER for providing global platform for Research and Academic community. SOLETE conducts training programs to upgrade the skills and knowledge of teachers and administrators of technical institutions. The main aim of SOLETE is to ensure that the opportunity to learn is provided to everyone, everywhere.

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Technical Partner

Nnamdi Celestine Institute, UK

Nnamdi Celestine Institute is a U.K. based company dedicated in educating and challenging the leadership in you. Hugely interested in bridging the gap between Tertiary education and practical learning. We aim to converge technology and leadership to produce tomorrow’s leaders savvy in the rapidly technological charged world.


Conference Sponsors

Here’s our dedicated conference sponsors


Eunoia IT Solutions, Malaysia

Eunoia I. T Solutions is the elegant company for IT services in Malaysia. They will be collaborating with us in ICCTSAI Conference. They provide various services which ranges from software development to design, and many more. They follow a particular process which is Plan, Design, Develop, Deliver, Support. They have a well-defined team set up to exert the company’s potential.



Canadian Overseas Business



Standard Solutions

Standard Solutions is an emerging institution in Digital Learning World. They will be with SITER technically for providing global platform for Research and Academic community. They offer innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences. They provide various services such as Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, AI and Automation etc. They also provide internships, training which stimulates people for being a global leader.


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