23-25 April 2021

ICCTSAI Conference
Research Workshop #1

International Conference on Computing and Technological Solutions with Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Room | Day 03

25 April 2021

10.30 AM – 12.30 PM (Dubai Time)
Workshop Topic:

An Overview on Research Methodologies with an Introduction to “WEKA”

Research is the foundation of knowledge in worldwide. There is a vital task in creating, nurturing and preserving the level of quality in doing research. It is needed to progress a thorough methodological base of research among the researchers to face with challenges in the field of research. A quality research outcome resulted with a good research methodology. The current workshop focuses upon enriching the research scholars on research methodology with an introduction to a search tool “WEKA”.

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The current workshop is anticipated to cover the basics of research methodology centering on theoretical and practical inputs.

Precisely, the creation of research problem, formulation of research hypothesis, conducting literature review, data collection, choice of suitable parametric or non-parametric statistical technique for evaluating data, extent the impact of published research at journal-level, article-level, and author-level and introducing the Data mining tool WEKA. The practice on WEKA includes Data Acquisition/ PreProcessing, Algorithm Learning, Result Analysis (Result Interpretation) and Decision making.


The participants can be able to describe the research problem, evolving an approach to research problem and choice of suitable research design. To experience the formulation and testing of hypothesis based on the nature of research. To understand the journal publication metrics at author level, article level and journal level. To analyze the research data by introducing the data mining tool “WEKA”. To experience “WEKA” in research.


  • Basic understanding of machine learning algorithms



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An Eminent Researcher in Machine Learning

Resource Person

Dr. Raji C.G


Dr. Raji C.G

Head of Department, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MEA Engineering College, India