23-25 April 2021

ICCTSAI Conference
Workshop Speaker

International Conference on Computing and Technological Solutions with Artificial Intelligence
Barani Institute of Management and Sciences

Dr. Waqar Hassan

WAQAR HASSAN is a Finance lecturer in Barani Institute of Science (Joint Venture of Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi) Burewala Campus, Pakistan. He obtained Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Research and Finance in 2016 from The University of Lahore, Pakistan. He obtained Gold Medal for MSc. Management and Master of Commerce (M. Com) from University of Lahore in 2011. He has four years of professional Account and Audit manager work experience. He has 9 years of teaching experience including research supervisor at superior college Lahore and Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.



Intermediate SPSS Training Workshop:

A focus on descriptive analysis, correlation and linear regression analysis techniques and interpretation methods

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive statistics are used to describe the basic features of the data in a study. They provide simple summaries about the sample and the measures.


Used for the purpose of measurement of relationship between two variables (one dependent and other independent, or two independent variables).

To measure the pair of variables are linearly related or not?

Linear regression analysis

In statistics, linear regression is a linear approach to modelling the relationship between a scalar response (or dependent variable) and one or more explanatory variables (or independent variables).

Linear regression is a basic and commonly used type of predictive analysis.  The overall idea of regression is to examine two things:

(1) does a set of predictor variables do a good job in predicting an outcome (dependent) variable?

(2) Which variables in particular are significant predictors of the outcome variable, and in what way do they–indicated by the magnitude and sign of the beta estimates–impact the outcome variable?



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