23-25 April 2021

ICCTSAI Conference
Keynote Speaker

International Conference on Computing and Technological Solutions with Artificial Intelligence
University of Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Dr. Kashif Nisar

Dr. Kashif Nisar, Associate Professor and Founding Vice-Chair IEEE Sabah Subsection, Malaysia ~ Faculty of Computing and Informatics, University of Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia


Topic: Unprecedented Smart Algorithm for Uninterrupted SDN Services During DDoS Attack

In the design and planning of next-generation Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunication, and satellite communication systems, controller placement is an imperative point in software-defined networking (SDN). The programmability of the SDN controller is sophisticated for the centralized control system of the entire network, nevertheless, it creates a major loophole for the manifestation of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack straightforwardly. Furthermore, recently a Distributed Reflected Denial of Service (DRDoS) attack, which is an exceptional type of DDoS attack, has been detected. But very little deliberation is given to this forthcoming single point of SDN infrastructure failure problem. Moreover, recently the high frequencies of DDoS attacks have increased dramatically. In this paper, a smart algorithm for planning the deployment of SDN smart backup controllers under DDoS attack scenarios is proposed. Our proposed smart algorithm has the capability to recommend single or multiple smart backup controllers in the event of DDoS occurrence. The obtained simulated results demonstrate that the validation of the proposed algorithm and the performance analysis achieved 99.99% accuracy in placing the smart backup controller under DDoS attacks within 0.125 to 46508.7 seconds in SDN.



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